Ice Cream Trucks and Elotes

There are several things that you can find with ease in Boyle Heights (East Los Angeles), CA. Two of those are ice cream trucks and elotes. If you live in Los Angeles I’m sure you will identify with the following.


On the block I grew up on, ice cream trucks go by roughly once every 20 minutes. Sometimes there is an ice cream truck pile up and the determining factor comes down to who has the catchiest chime. For the reader out there who has never had the pleasure of experiencing the ice cream truck phenomena, man o man you don’t know what your missing. It all starts with happy music blasting from down the street which triggers that kid in anyone. THE ICE CREAM TRUCK IS COMING!!!

When I was growing up you could buy things like a Push Up or a UFO. The modern day ice cream truck comes with full extras like nachos and Hot Cheetos drenched in nacho cheese sauce(best thing you will EVER try). Whenever my kids hear that truck coming around the corner they all line up by the gate ready to ATTACK. I must admit I’m right behind them je je je je. There’s just something about the ice cream/hot cheetos delivery mechanism that can be so comforting.


The other most common sound on my block is a Mexican woman or man hollering “ELOTES! ELOTES!!” Elote is spanish for corn, In this case corn on the cob ANIMAL STYLE. For those readers out there who have not yet had the pleasure of having an elote, imagine this:

A boiled corn on the cob pierced with a stick at one end for holding. The corn is now ready to begin it’s transformation to what we will refer to as ANIMAL STYLE. It starts off with a light coat of mayonnaise followed by a parmesan cheese shower. This is not your regular Parmesan cheese. This is some bomb Mexican parmesan cheese. Now as if that wasn’t enough the corn is then painted with margarine from a squeeze bottle and topped with powdered chili. MMMMMMM

The kicker to this is you only get one napkin and NO TOOTHPICK!!

Not an excellent choice for a first date.


Watch What You Say

I am the master of the words that have not yet left my mouth. But a slave to the words that I have spoken.

If you’re anything like I was you will be able to relate to that phrase. I say was because everyday I strive to be a better person. I really reflect on this thought of me being a slave. Let alone a slave to my own words. Words can be as sharp as a Hattorri Hanzo sword. We must use them with the utmost wisdom and precaution. We have all hurt someone with our words and once you’ve said it you can’t take it back. I figured I could make the world a better place by watching what I say. It’s hard to not be impulsive but NOT impossible.

What do Women Want?

What do women want or as I like to call it; the three Ws of life. This is such a hard question to answer. Infinite number of men will go to their grave never really knowing the answer to this seemingly simple question. When you think you have them figured out a burst of hormones jumps into the mix and takes you right back to the drawing board. Even one of the world’s most famous neurologist/psychologist could not seem to crack the case.

“The great question that has never been answered, and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, is “What does a woman want?” – Sigmund Freud: Life and Work (Hogarth Press, 1953) by Ernest Jones

After reading this quote I stop and think to myself; “If Sigmund Freud couldn’t do it, I don’t stand a fighting chance!”. But you know what. At the end of the day even though we will never know what it is they truly want. We still find it in our heart to keep on loving them! To all you guys out there that someday might read this. Send your girl some flowers or send her a card with a simple “I Love You”. I wont ever be able to tell you what women want but I can guarantee you that the simple details are what makes them HAPPY.

If you don’t believe me try it out today. Send her a card or flowers through 1-800-Flowers (flowers will run a bit more expensive with same end result)

Remeber fellas Details – Details – Details

Acting on a Prompting

SendOutCardsA prompting is that voice in your head persuading, encouraging or reminding you to do something. We have all at one time felt the weight of the thought of someone on your heart. For the most part we decide not to act upon these so called promptings. We simply dismiss them and continue with one of the remaining 11,999 thoughts of the day. (According to Charlie Greer of the National Science Foundation an average person has 12,000 thoughts a day.) Just think how much of a difference you could make in someone’s life if you just acted on those promptings. I would like to share with you one of the TRUE stories that got my wheels spinning about SendOutCards.

SendOutCards customer on her trial run sends out a card to the only mailing address that she could remember (who uses mailing addresses anymore je je je). She sends her first card out to her old college roommate, Jane. She remembered Jane’s address well because she lived at her house for quite sometime. They had not seen nor heard from each other in over 15 years but acting on the whole “prompting” idea she sent her a card. She didn’t hear back from her friend in over 3 weeks and figured she probably moved and never got the card. About a week later she gets a phone call. The man on the other line says ” You don’t know me but I’m Jane’s boyfriend. You had no way of knowing this but Jane was terminally ill for the past few months and she recently passed away. But not before receiving your card in the mail. She was deeply moved by your card and asked that I call you to thank you.”

Since she sent that card at that precise moment she was able to talk to her friend one last time. With just 30-45 seconds of her time she was able to reach out and touch her friend in such a personal manner, with a greeting card right to her mailbox.

When I heard this story I took on the challenge of acting upon my promptings. There is no better feeling in this world to know that you have made a change in someone’s life.

Giving, it’s a great thing!!!


The Oxford English Dictionary defines forgiveness as ‘to grant free pardon and to give up all claim on account of an offense or debt’. Forgiveness was the topic at church yesterday and it really seemed to hit a cord with me. To forgive is to pardon a debt. Many of us have been hurt by someone along the journey of life. Be it a parent who was never there, a life partner who left your side, people who have said hurtful things to you. We hold them in debt. In the majority of the cases this is a debt that we will NEVER fully regain. How does a parent payback a stolen childhood? How does a life partner repay you for all the hurt they caused in your life? It cant be done!! Once we learn this we can then let go and FORGIVE that debt. Forgiveness is not a “feeling”. So don’t wait for it to come. You have to take the first step.

If the person you have not been able to forgive has passed away, write their name on a piece of paper and then write FORGIVEN over it with a marker. After doing so throw the paper in the fire. The weight that will be lifted from your shoulder is incredible.

For those that are still among us you can always send them a card expressing to them that they have been forgiven and their debt pardoned. Keeping open accounts due to lack of forgiveness can definitely suck the life out of you. Make a change today!!

Have a blessed week!

A little girl was asked what forgiveness is…

She gave a beautiful answer…

“It is the fragrance that flowers give when they are crushed…”

Just the 4 of Us

230I recently became a single dad with 3 kids. Those of you who don’t have kids might not understand the full extent of being SOLO with three children to raise. It’s not easy!! I always joke around with my friends that my real job is at school and as soon as I get home from “work” its right back to my FULL TIME job, being the best parent I can be.

I might not get paid the big $$ but the smiles and I love you daddy’s are payment enough. My mission with my kids is to make them thoughtful productive citizens of the world. This is no easy task. It takes lots of love and discipline and most importantly knowledge of God. I think the ultimate payoff will be seeing my kids grow into fruitful people.

If someone were to ask me my reason for living I would respond without hesitation, MY KIDS!!

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

Do you have a plan?

I’ve always thought that in order to succeed at anything you would like to do you must always have a plan. I for one have one main plan in mind. I’m gonna do whatever it takes to become a billionaire. I know billionaire is a far stretch but I rather aim high je je je je. I have always been a go getter and always will be.

I recently discovered SendOutCards as a work form home business. I for one have never believed in these so called work from home businesses.That is until I discovered SOC. I dont really consider this a business but a good plan to do good things and at the same time make a little extra money.

I know sendoutcards wont make me a billionaire but it’s a real helpful way to keep in contact with my clients in a more personal manner which in turn will help grow my business. Every client I have sent a card to has been totally blown away by the quality and personal touch

Bottom line  sendoutcards is a key asset to any small business plan,

Check it out for yourself,