Just the 4 of Us

230I recently became a single dad with 3 kids. Those of you who don’t have kids might not understand the full extent of being SOLO with three children to raise. It’s not easy!! I always joke around with my friends that my real job is at school and as soon as I get home from “work” its right back to my FULL TIME job, being the best parent I can be.

I might not get paid the big $$ but the smiles and I love you daddy’s are payment enough. My mission with my kids is to make them thoughtful productive citizens of the world. This is no easy task. It takes lots of love and discipline and most importantly knowledge of God. I think the ultimate payoff will be seeing my kids grow into fruitful people.

If someone were to ask me my reason for living I would respond without hesitation, MY KIDS!!

Happy Sunday Everyone!!


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