Acting on a Prompting

SendOutCardsA prompting is that voice in your head persuading, encouraging or reminding you to do something. We have all at one time felt the weight of the thought of someone on your heart. For the most part we decide not to act upon these so called promptings. We simply dismiss them and continue with one of the remaining 11,999 thoughts of the day. (According to Charlie Greer of the National Science Foundation an average person has 12,000 thoughts a day.) Just think how much of a difference you could make in someone’s life if you just acted on those promptings. I would like to share with you one of the TRUE stories that got my wheels spinning about SendOutCards.

SendOutCards customer on her trial run sends out a card to the only mailing address that she could remember (who uses mailing addresses anymore je je je). She sends her first card out to her old college roommate, Jane. She remembered Jane’s address well because she lived at her house for quite sometime. They had not seen nor heard from each other in over 15 years but acting on the whole “prompting” idea she sent her a card. She didn’t hear back from her friend in over 3 weeks and figured she probably moved and never got the card. About a week later she gets a phone call. The man on the other line says ” You don’t know me but I’m Jane’s boyfriend. You had no way of knowing this but Jane was terminally ill for the past few months and she recently passed away. But not before receiving your card in the mail. She was deeply moved by your card and asked that I call you to thank you.”

Since she sent that card at that precise moment she was able to talk to her friend one last time. With just 30-45 seconds of her time she was able to reach out and touch her friend in such a personal manner, with a greeting card right to her mailbox.

When I heard this story I took on the challenge of acting upon my promptings. There is no better feeling in this world to know that you have made a change in someone’s life.

Giving, it’s a great thing!!!


3 thoughts on “Acting on a Prompting

  1. You are absolutely right. I firmly believe that the random “promptings” that enter our mind from time to time are actually not random at all. There is a reason and it is our responsibilty to listen and to do as we’re prompted, even when we don’t understand.

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