Ice Cream Trucks and Elotes

There are several things that you can find with ease in Boyle Heights (East Los Angeles), CA. Two of those are ice cream trucks and elotes. If you live in Los Angeles I’m sure you will identify with the following.


On the block I grew up on, ice cream trucks go by roughly once every 20 minutes. Sometimes there is an ice cream truck pile up and the determining factor comes down to who has the catchiest chime. For the reader out there who has never had the pleasure of experiencing the ice cream truck phenomena, man o man you don’t know what your missing. It all starts with happy music blasting from down the street which triggers that kid in anyone. THE ICE CREAM TRUCK IS COMING!!!

When I was growing up you could buy things like a Push Up or a UFO. The modern day ice cream truck comes with full extras like nachos and Hot Cheetos drenched in nacho cheese sauce(best thing you will EVER try). Whenever my kids hear that truck coming around the corner they all line up by the gate ready to ATTACK. I must admit I’m right behind them je je je je. There’s just something about the ice cream/hot cheetos delivery mechanism that can be so comforting.


The other most common sound on my block is a Mexican woman or man hollering “ELOTES! ELOTES!!” Elote is spanish for corn, In this case corn on the cob ANIMAL STYLE. For those readers out there who have not yet had the pleasure of having an elote, imagine this:

A boiled corn on the cob pierced with a stick at one end for holding. The corn is now ready to begin it’s transformation to what we will refer to as ANIMAL STYLE. It starts off with a light coat of mayonnaise followed by a parmesan cheese shower. This is not your regular Parmesan cheese. This is some bomb Mexican parmesan cheese. Now as if that wasn’t enough the corn is then painted with margarine from a squeeze bottle and topped with powdered chili. MMMMMMM

The kicker to this is you only get one napkin and NO TOOTHPICK!!

Not an excellent choice for a first date.


5 thoughts on “Ice Cream Trucks and Elotes

  1. Oh how I miss ice cream trucks! In the small town I grew up in, the ice cream truck came by often and we would all run down the hill with our $1 bills in hand, full of excitement. Thanks for the smile and the great memory.

  2. The cheese used for the corn is not Parmesan, it’s cotija cheese. I thought it was parmesan too, but after asking around, found out it was grated cotija. Now if only I could find out what kind of chili ice cream truck vendors use I’ll beset.

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