Decision Direction and Destination

The nice guy always finishes last. When I say last I am not referring to unhappy. It just seems to me that when you are nice and have a kind heart many people in the world will play on that.

I have always been one to squash any differences and look at the brighter side. As far as relationships go, be it romantic or social, I always try to take the path of least resistance. Constantly looking to keep the peace. Even if that means humbling myself to lower my head when I might think it’s uncalled for. I have found in my 32 years of living experience that I am constantly looking back and thinking; “I saw it coming and I still walked right in to that hole.” I find myself walking this SAME street so many times and falling right into the exact same hole. It’s time for me to walk down another street all together.

Interestingly enough the topic of today’s church sermon was:

Your direction determines your destination and your decisions determine your direction.

My final destination is happiness. A life in the hands of God without resentment and full of peace and tranquility. I know I will find my path. It’s just a matter of making a few adjustments in my thought process.

I hope you can take away something positive from my post this evening.

P.S. In no way will I ever stop being the kind hearted person that I am today. I will just be a bit more selective as to who I open my heart to.



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