Dating with 3 Kids and a Flaky Ex-Wife

As if dating wasn’t hard enough as it is, try with three children and an ex-wife who is as reliable as planting a seedless watermelon and waiting for it to grow. Some women find it attractive to encounter such a responsible dad because in the laws of nature that would make me a good candidate to father their future children. But the reality of the matter is that dating is not easy with everything that I already have going on and the last thing I need are more children. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely adore kids. If they weren’t so expensive I would have more. 🙂

I am seriously considering a vasectomy which would surely eliminate any thoughts of “this could be my next baby daddy”. Or I could just get it done and not tell anyone that I am now shooting blanks. All joking aside I think a $1000 investment for a vasectomy is a lot cheaper than the next 18 years of room and board or even worse…child support.

“It’s time to do me”

I have heard this saying many times in the past and I am about to apply it but with one minor adjustment.

“It’s time to do me and my kids!!”

After a long man to man conversation I had last night with some buddies. I came to the conclusion that I need to stay away from any emotional webs and keep things on a STRICTLY friendly level. I know I can be a huge flirt at times and I apologize before hand to any girl who might misconstrue my flirting and hear wedding bells in the background. I have a long path to walk SOLO for the moment until I am able to get my life settled. This being said. I know the right person is out there somewhere and could come at any moment even if it’s not the most opportune time in my life.

Happy soul searching everyone!Image


2 thoughts on “Dating with 3 Kids and a Flaky Ex-Wife

  1. Yeah, dating with kids isn’t easy. In my experience, a few women get scared off, but most find it admirable or attractive or whatever. One thing I’ve noticed, though, is that few seem to consider me a viable long-term prospect. Right out of the gate, I’m relegate to being “that guy who’s fun to date until someone with less baggage comes along.”

    1. “Right out of the gate, I’m relegate to being “that guy who’s fun to date until someone with less baggage comes along.”” – I SOOOOOOO know what you mean!!!!!

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