Meth is the Devil’s Drug

Amphetamines are “power drugs” that reduce fatigue, heighten aggression, and diminish human warmth and empathy. It also holds the power to destroy peoples’ lives.

I am pretty sure Adolf Hitler made a pact with the devil the day he discovered meth. The Fuhrer’s personal physician would administer him daily shots of methamphetamine. It’s no wonder he could give such passionate speeches and do such cruel things to the Jewish people. Methamphetamine tablets branded as Pervitin were liberally distributed to German fighting troops throughout the War.

Now that we fast-forward to the 21st century I have seen three people in my circle of friends fall into the arms of the devil himself by means of crystal meth. It just seems to take over their mind. The saying “Out of your mind” comes to thought. Not to mention “Meth Mouth”.

For those of you who have never heard of meth mouth it’s basically the tooth rotting process that takes place as a secondary effect of smoking crystal.


Who inspired me to write this today is a very close friend of mine. He is probably one of the smartest and most intellectual people I know. At the same time he is very insecure in many ways and finds a sense of confidence and security in the high of crystal meth. He started using again about 2 months ago and since then he was kicked out of his house and until yesterday sleeping on the streets of Los Angeles. Since he was so wrapped up in his alternate personality he let his phone get disconnected and there was no way to contact him. He reached out to me yesterday via Facebook. I explained to my friend that God loved him and as long as he put everything in His hands everything would be OK! I asked him to listen to my words and make the smart decision and to please use the big brain that God had blessed him with. Apparently I talked him back to reality since his mom contacted me today to tell me he was on his way home. I said a small prayer for him last night and I guess it was answered :).

Latest update: As I am putting the finishing touches to this blog I got a text from my friend.

“My phone is back on. Love ya dawg!”



6 thoughts on “Meth is the Devil’s Drug

  1. I used to joke that the contest between Churchill and Hitler was proof that, in a fight, a drunk will always beat a speed freak, but when you actually have to watch anyone struggle with either (or anything else), it’s anything but funny.

    I’ve had a lot of friends fall off the grid because of drugs, and I live in a hipster neighbourhood where they’re everywhere, but for some reason, Crystal Meth never caught on in Montreal. Regular speed is still really rampant, though.

    Anyway, glad to hear your friend is back on track to getting his shit together.

    1. Thanks for dropping in!! My buddy is doing well. He is at my house now. I live about 35 minutes out of LA so it will be kind of a retreat for him. Aside from the recreational/medical marijuana use my home is drug free. 🙂

  2. I know many people who have lost everything due to this horrible drug. I too lost almost everything due to trying to help someone I loved overcome addiction. I’m so glad your friend took your advice. I had no idea Hitler was a meth head, now I’m wondering why I never put the pieces of that puzzle together. 😮

  3. I thought he was on a different kind of meth?? Methadone… I know it was the germans who created methadone as well. All drugs are terrible. They all have the potential to be abused and rip families apart. Recovery is also possible for those who want it. It took me 14 years to finally get clean and get my life together. I’m now 26 with just about 18 months sobriety.

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