Secret to Living a Happy Life

Shhhhh! This is some top secret information. Do you want to live a happy life?


Many of us hold people to a high standard which is directly related to our high expectations.  Not holding high expectations allows for less disappointment in life.

Disappointment is the feeling of dissatisfaction that follows the failure of expectations …

I often commit the grave mistake of thinking everyone has the same values and functions as I do. WRONG!! I could not be any further form the truth. We were all made to be unique. And being unique entails distinct ways of reacting to different situations. The reaction will differ from person to person. I guess we are all a bit selfish in the way that we expect everyone to be on our same wave length.

If you get all your issues and put them in a pot of water and crank up the heat you will be left with this final thought. It all boils down to it is what it is!

Have a great day everyone!!



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