Lookin for love…

I have tried all of the different dating sites and I have come to one simple conclusion. These sites, even though very successful for some, will NEVER work for me.

When embarking on an adventure such as online dating you must have a positive attitude and an open mind. These are two attributes that I dominate but for some reason I cannot sell myself on this online dating thing. And if I’m not fully invested on the notion then it will never ever work.

I know several people that are on these sites and I have read their profile. They are NOT AT ALL like their profile description! Just the thought that I know the real story and the description is soooo different send my mind on a over-thinking rampage.

What ever happened to chemistry and meeting people in person? Why must we be forced to hide behind a keyboard and monitor?

While I was writing this the following song came to mind…



9 thoughts on “Lookin for love…

  1. My brother met his wife on a Christian dating site, but years prior to that he met some very interesting women. Interesting in the most worrisome way. As you said, often times the person’s profile description is nothing compared to the actual person. Where some do find love, it is still a risk. I’m all about meeting that special person face to face. Even if it takes years, it will be worth it at the end.

    1. I just read an article not too long ago about someone getting raped from a Christian dating site. Juts because it’s a “Christian” dating site that does not mean freaks are banned. They are all over the place.

      I agree…even if it takes YEARS I am willing to wait for that old school face to face love story 🙂

  2. The problem with online dating sites is that as much as their algorithm can match up interests and values, it can’t account for chemistry. So you end up sitting across from an interesting person, who shares a lot of your views, and you have a lot in common with, but there’s no spark at all…

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