Is it too good to be true?

A few weeks ago I wrote about how we don’t know what we have til its gone. If you missed it you can click here. I was writing about my own experience of the few that I have let get away. Today I got a facebook private message from an ex girlfriend,

This is not any ex girlfriend. This is that person that when I am asked if my heart was ever broken, her face is projected to my mental big screen. She is the only woman that ripped in to itty bitty pieces got my full heart. Plaques with her name on them can be found all over the wall that was shortly erected around my heart. Mind you I went through a 7 year marriage sometime after and not even then were the walls of Mordor my heart ever fully breached.

So back to the message…We have been talking on and off via facebook for about 3 years now. Just your casual “Hi there! I hope all is well in your life!”. Today’s message started off with “I really need to tell you something!!”, She begins to tell me that she went to a hypnotherapist to dig into her past to find out why she kept shutting out all amorous relationships. It turns out my name was the topic of conversation. Apparently deep down in her sub conscience she feels I am the love of her life that got away. She apologized at LENGTH and told me that no one has ever treated her like I did but that she just thought it was too good to be true. This wont ever help the damage that has already been done to my heart but it does serve as a life lesson. I know the popular saying is “If it’s too good to be true it probably isn’t true!”, I want to challenge all my readers to not walk the beaten path of “It’s not true”, Give things a try with an objective and positive mind. You never know what you might be missing out on. After all YOLO you only live once!!!



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