A Humble Marriage

Not too long ago I was blessed with the opportunity to visit Nicaragua. I stayed at the all inclusive resort, Barcelo Montelimar. Great place to stay if you are ever in Nicaragua. During my stay I decided to rent a quad and ride down the seemingly desolate beach.

As almost any beach resort, the “private beach” area was cordoned off. I decided to be adventurous and head down the local’s part of the beach (about a 5km stretch of beautiful Pacific shores). Five minutes into my ride I spot several small groups of people apparently pacing the shoreline.


As I got closer they seemed to be walking on their heels. Each person was armed with his or her machete and an old plastic bottle of some sort.  Even more intrigued by this I decided to ride in closer. To my surprise the locals were actually fishing hunting for almeja roja (red clam). The process involves walking on their heels right at the shoreline. When the sand under their heel is felt to be hollow they proceed to dig up the clam with the tip of a machete. I have spent half of my life in Costa Rica and had never seen anything like this.

I met the following couple who let me take their picture. The wife was very shy and humble. Especially when I told them I would like to one day write about them on my blog.


They are usually able to bring in 2-3 lbs a day and get $2 a lb. Immediately in my mind I do the math and say out loud “that’s $4-$6 a day! Is this your only source of income?” With a big smile they both replied “yes!”. Six dollars a day is nothing here in the United States. In Nicaragua, although the money goes a bit further, this is still a small income for two people. When I got back to the room that night and started flipping through my pictures I couldn’t help but notice how happy this couple looks. They don’t have the latest model car or the newest fashion designer clothes, but you know what…they have eachother! We seem to lose track of how to be humble and grateful for what we have.



I leave you with a picture of this beautiful sunset. Just one more thing to be grateful for!!




One thought on “A Humble Marriage

  1. Materialistic things are just that. You won’t take it with you when you pass away. Stuff doesn’t make you a better person. And money is greed / evil.
    My dear Frank, we are truly blessed!

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