I Want to be a Billionaire

My mom has become more computer savvy as of late. A few weeks ago she discovered my blog. Of course I get a phone call soon after her recent discovery that went something like this:

Me: Hi Mom!

Mom: Hi Mijo! How’s everything? How are the kids?

Me: Fine Mom! All good!!

Mom: I saw a link on your Facebook to a page that said “I Want to be a Billionaire”. There’s some very interesting articles on there. I imagine you wrote these. You were always a good writer (loving mom voice). I had one concern Mijo. It’s hard to become a billionaire. Very few people live to see that amount of money.

Me: Mom, when I say I want to be billionaire I am referring to something other than money. I want to be wealthy in love!

This is my true dream! I want to be filthy rich in love! Love is the most valuable thing in this world and if you think about it, true love can’t be destroyed! The law of conservation of love 🙂


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