Health Wealth and Financial Freedom – My Zeal Wellness Story

It’s been a while since I last posted. I keep saying to myself, “If it’s not worth writing home about…why write it?!”. Well, I finally have something worth sharing – another life changing moment in my life.

For quite some time, I’ve been praying on an urge I had to attend a new church. I absolutely loved the church I was attending, but it was so big I found myself in need of more community, a smaller gathering where perhaps I could interact more with fellow believers. I really wanted to build stronger relationships with people and touch other’s lives. It was like God was calling me to make this move. I took the step and began attending a smaller church in my neighborhood. It was everything I was looking for; great people, welcoming environment and most importantly everyone would take a few minutes to interact after service. Oddly enough, I still felt something was missing.

A few weeks later I attended a friend’s birthday party. Being the Aquarian that I am, I started working the party and meeting new people. Little did I know I would meet someone that night that would have a great positive impact on my life. In making small talk, I had mentioned to one of the guests of the party and her husband where I live and the church I attend. Low and behold they knew the pastor of the new church I was attending, and had nothing but great things to say about him. This was the first sign that God had a bigger plan that night. I immediately felt the connection, and I thought to myself, “this couple is a Godsend”!  We exchanged contact information and promised to go out again soon.

The following Monday I received a text from this couple requesting I attend a Zeal Wellness party that night. “Hmmm…I wonder what they are going to try and sell me”, I asked myself. I cordially accepted the invite and attended. I must admit I was extremely skeptical of the entire meeting, and quite honestly a bit defensive, but I was willing to hear them out. I watched the presentation about how beneficial Zeal Wellness is.

“That many nutrients in one small 6 oz. serving? This could be a game changer for me since my eating habits aren’t the best. And I could lose weight?!?!? This has to be too good to be true!”    

I tried the sample that night and I could feel the effects within the first thirty minutes. It was like someone gave me a shot of a pick-me-upper. I felt immediate mental clarity – just like the people in the presentation had described. I thought to myself, “placebo effect?”. Maybe it was suggestive thinking. I asked for a bottle to go so I could put this stuff to the ultimate test – at work.

The next morning as soon as I arrived at work I followed the instructions: add water, shake and take. What happened next had me convinced. Within the hour, I was on my A-game, blasting through emails, live-chats and phone calls like never before, at times doing all at three simultaneously. Two of my employees, on separate occasions that day, asked what I had done different because they had noticed a definite change in me. I shared my story, and they asked me to get them some too. It has been 3 weeks since I have been taking Zeal Wellness, and every day I feel better about myself. It’s like a fog has been lifted from my mind. My productivity level has increased two-fold, and the best part is there is no crash like with Monster or Red Bull.

I decided to take the Zeal Challenge and become a member of the Zurvita family. Soon after joining, I was warmly welcomed by other team members who to my surprise were also fellow believers. Talk about God’s bigger plan! The first Sunday after joining, I attended the Zurvita Feed 500 event. We took to the streets of Long Beach California to feed the less fortunate. A group of about 50 of us went out and spoke to total strangers who were living on the streets. It was such a humbling experience, but it had been something I had always wanted to do. That day I was asked for prayer, and with the Holy Spirit working through me, I was able to pray over a homeless man who was in a very dark place. I also met a gentleman who had just been released from prison for murder, and was having a hard time finding work. We held a long conversation, and I’m sure he felt human and respected for at least that small lapse of time (whatever he has done in life is for God to judge, not me).

Remember at the beginning of this story how I had mentioned God put in my heart the urge to meet new people and touch other’s lives? Well, this was definitely His way of making that come true. I am so appreciative of the Zurvita family and Zeal Wellness product for being a catalyst to making God’s plan a reality. Zeal Wellness has set me on the path to find physical health, spiritual wealth and financial freedom.

It is now my mission to let the whole world know about this awesome, God blessed product.