Valentine’s Day – I Love You

It’s Valentine’s Day. You’ve been single for a while now and even though you downplay it, there’s that voice in your head saying “Valentine’s Day is coming. I wonder if I’ll have anyone to share in love with.” As this highly marketed, money spending, love filled day approaches, the anxiety levels get higher and the voices become louder, “I have no one in my life to share this day with.”

The society we live in doesn’t seem to help much. There’s V-Day hype everywhere. Think about it; If you turn on the TV every commercial break has its own 30 second reminder of how we must go out and spend money for that loved one. If you open up your computer the popups ding in with ads of teddy bears and heart shaped boxes full of chocolates. If you try to escape to the realm of social media you are met with every clever pro and anti V-Day meme. It’s like we can’t escape the thought of Where’s MY Valentine? Where’s is the love for me?

I want you to stop and think about something for a moment. Think about all the people who are currently in your life circle. Think about all the love that’s projected to you from this life circle.

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love and friendship. You don’t have to be in a relationship to not feel lonely and unloved on V-Day. First and foremost God loves you! Know it and remember it!!! We are also surrounded by many people who love us very dearly but we seem to take this for granted. If you’re single this Valentines Day, or even if your in a relationship try this simple thing. Begin saying I Love You more often. Let this February 14, 2015 be the day you began sharing your love. Don’t be afraid of these three words. Let your friends and family know that you truly love them!

A big I LOVE YOU to all my readers. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


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