No Vacancy

Stop for a moment in your day and look around you. Take in all the beautiful things God has set forth for us. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day stress and all the things that make life worth living go unnoticed.

Although yesterday was a picture perfect California day, I just wasn’t feeling it. I allowed myself to get got caught up in work and a bit of negative thinking. I usually keep a No Vacancy sign lit in the window to my brain just in case any thoughts of insecurity are looking for lodging. I think it had an electrical failure yesterday because I found myself questioning myself and harboring self-conscious thoughts. Well, this morning I woke up, drank my Zeal and although its a super gloomy, overcast day here in Northern California, I feel great! I checked the wiring on the No Vacancy sign and we are all good. It must have been a short that flipped the circuit breaker. After a quick reset, I am back in full effect.

I took my own advice and stepped outside just to look around. I didn’t get further than the driveway when I noticed the unnoticed. I had to take pics and share with all my followers. As I was looking around taking pictures, Beautiful Things by Gungor was playing in my mind.  In case you haven’t heard it, Click Here. This song pairs great with these pictures.

2015-02-20 09.45.57 2015-02-20 09.34.37 2015-02-20 09.32.14 2015-02-20 09.33.32 2015-02-20 09.35.06 2015-02-20 09.34.08 2015-02-20 09.36.48 2015-02-20 09.32.49 2015-02-20 09.30.07 2015-02-20 09.31.07 2015-02-20 09.29.54 2015-02-20 09.29.20

I hope you enjoyed the pics as much as I enjoyed taking them. The small things in life are what make it all worth the struggle. Have a blessed day!!!


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