Making 6 Figures and Driving Lyft

I am lucky enough to be in the 6 figure salary range at my current job. But a few weeks ago I decided to embark on a social experiment of sorts. I signed up as a Lyft driver…

You, as many have, might be asking yourself, “Why would this guy work for Lyft and deal with all the stress if he’s already successful?”.

I can go on and on about the definition of success but simply put, for me, success is leaving a positive impression on someone’s life and in this world. The ride-share pie is big enough for everyone to make as much or as little as they desire while also driving change. It’s all based on how much you are willing to work. Kind of like life, you get what you put in. I figured I could really put my extensive customer service background to use in this life experiment. Driving for Lyft and serving others would really give me a taste of the humble pie. Lord knows, we all need some humble pie in our lives from time to time.

Here’s three things I’ve realized over the past few weeks:

  • Your situation can always be much worse! Be grateful for what you have!!
    • Driving with a ride-share service takes you through all the different parts of the city and you interact with people from all different walks of life. Passing through LA’s skid row you cant help but notice the grungy tents littering the sidewalks and less fortunate individuals looking for either their next meal or their next high. Minutes later I’d be pulling up to a high rise condo a few blocks down to pick up a much more fortunate individual and drop them off in Beverly Hills for a lunch date. Talk about contrast…
  • “A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” – Dale Carnegie
    • This couldn’t be more true! Acknowledging my riders by their first name and asking how their day is going creates an immediate change in their demeanor. If even for a few moments, that person feels like somebody in this world and not just one more person walking this earth. It helps with tips too 🙂
  • Just listen! Sometimes that’s all someone needs.
    • The other day I had a rider who in her words was having “the worst day ever”. The moment she got in the car you could feel her aura full of stress. She had one of those days where you just want to close your eyes and wake up in a few weeks. For the duration of the ride, 8 minutes or so, she was telling me all about her day and how bad everything had gone. I didn’t say much. Just heard her out. I did tell her that we must try and stay positive since life could be much worse. By the time we arrived at her final destination and before she opens the car door, she turns to me and says “Thank you so much for the psychology session. I feel so much better!”

This is still an ongoing experiment/learning experience for me. The money I make will help pay off my credit cards but the life lessons I gain from this are priceless and will remain with me forever. Not to mention, the realizations mentioned above can be implemented into so many different aspects of anyone’s life.

Hopefully this reaches the reader who truly needed to see this today! Sending much love and blessings to the world!!!