The Gaping Hole in My Life

About a year ago things were pretty bad with my now ex wife. One day I was so mad at the fact that she abandoned our kids that I took out my aggression on the wall of the garage. I punched the wall four times which left a gaping hole. I would have to see this hole everyday when getting in my car. I was constantly reminded of  my old ways and how much anger I felt towards her.

One day about a month ago I noticed a little birdie shooting out of my garage. I didn’t give it much thought til I saw her a few more times. It seemed she was coming from the hole I made with my fist. I peeked in only to find a nest with four eggs in it. I decided to document this miracle of life through the pictures below.

As I would watch the nest closely I noticed how much that mama bird cared for her babies. She fed them, kept them warm and protected them. All the opposite of my ex wife.

Since my divorce I have come a long way. I have found God and have relinquished all control of my life to Him. He has showed me how to forgive and have peace. He also showed me one more lesson through these birds:

From my aggression came a gaping hole which has now converted into a nest of new life. Four little birds were placed their for a reason. I’m convinced that God wanted to show me that like those four eggs, my own four children (counting my daughter in Costa Rica) are the ones who take the place of that gaping hole in my life. Sometimes drastic things must happen to bring life to the new ones.

Enjoy the pics…(please excuse the mess)

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