Versatile Blogger Award

Today I was given the pleasant surprise which is that of a nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award. I feel so honored. This is definitely a great way to start my weekend :).

I was nominated by a very inspirational blogger who goes by the name of You’re Just a Dumbass. I find her posts extremely interesting. Some of us guys could learn a lot on You’re Just a Dumbass‘ blog. It’s just a matter of opening your mind a bit so you may learn from other’s life experience. Thanks for nominating me You’re Just a Dumbass!!

Here are the VBA rules.

Here are my 15 nominees! These are all excellent bloggers in my book!!


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Aisling Jennings Photography


My seven things:

1. Speaking of seven…Just watched 7 Psychopaths and LOVED it!

2. I love going to church even though I am not a crazy fanatic…

3. My favorite time of day is 4:20 (wink wink)

4. I was born in Los Angeles CA and raised in Costa Rica Central America

5. To me there is nothing better than enjoying the original Dumbo with my 4 yr old son.

6. I really like my job!

7. I am a very sociable person 🙂