Making 6 Figures and Driving Lyft

I am lucky enough to be in the 6 figure salary range at my current job. But a few weeks ago I decided to embark on a social experiment of sorts. I signed up as a Lyft driver…

You, as many have, might be asking yourself, “Why would this guy work for Lyft and deal with all the stress if he’s already successful?”.

I can go on and on about the definition of success but simply put, for me, success is leaving a positive impression on someone’s life and in this world. The ride-share pie is big enough for everyone to make as much or as little as they desire while also driving change. It’s all based on how much you are willing to work. Kind of like life, you get what you put in. I figured I could really put my extensive customer service background to use in this life experiment. Driving for Lyft and serving others would really give me a taste of the humble pie. Lord knows, we all need some humble pie in our lives from time to time.

Here’s three things I’ve realized over the past few weeks:

  • Your situation can always be much worse! Be grateful for what you have!!
    • Driving with a ride-share service takes you through all the different parts of the city and you interact with people from all different walks of life. Passing through LA’s skid row you cant help but notice the grungy tents littering the sidewalks and less fortunate individuals looking for either their next meal or their next high. Minutes later I’d be pulling up to a high rise condo a few blocks down to pick up a much more fortunate individual and drop them off in Beverly Hills for a lunch date. Talk about contrast…
  • “A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” – Dale Carnegie
    • This couldn’t be more true! Acknowledging my riders by their first name and asking how their day is going creates an immediate change in their demeanor. If even for a few moments, that person feels like somebody in this world and not just one more person walking this earth. It helps with tips too 🙂
  • Just listen! Sometimes that’s all someone needs.
    • The other day I had a rider who in her words was having “the worst day ever”. The moment she got in the car you could feel her aura full of stress. She had one of those days where you just want to close your eyes and wake up in a few weeks. For the duration of the ride, 8 minutes or so, she was telling me all about her day and how bad everything had gone. I didn’t say much. Just heard her out. I did tell her that we must try and stay positive since life could be much worse. By the time we arrived at her final destination and before she opens the car door, she turns to me and says “Thank you so much for the psychology session. I feel so much better!”

This is still an ongoing experiment/learning experience for me. The money I make will help pay off my credit cards but the life lessons I gain from this are priceless and will remain with me forever. Not to mention, the realizations mentioned above can be implemented into so many different aspects of anyone’s life.

Hopefully this reaches the reader who truly needed to see this today! Sending much love and blessings to the world!!!



A Year of Personal Growth

A very dear coworker just came to my office to ask what I am most thankful for this year. It didn’t take me long at all to give her my answer; Personal Growth!

I have grown so much as a person in my year number 34 on this earth. I have learned and lived the definition of true character. In the words of John Wooden, “The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.”

There are many many forks along this long road of life. This year I was presented with several but for the most part I have opted to travel the same old lonely road of self-sacrifice. The other well beaten path of selfishness just isn’t for me anymore.

I believe in one true God and His son Jesus Christ. Although people around me and in this world may still be walking that road of selfishness and not for one minute thinking about others, I am determined to earn my place in heaven through good deeds and selflessness. I am confident of my reason for life and that is to touch people lives.

Leading a life of self sacrifice is not easy but doable. Although I question why people are the way they are there is nothing I can do about the way they choose to think and live. The one thing I can do is control how I think and how I live my life.

Happy New Year!! May 2016 bring you lots of love and great life experiences!!


noun self–sac·ri·fice \ˈself-ˈsa-krə-ˌfīs also -fəs or -ˌfīz\

Simple Definition of self–sacrifice

  • : the act of giving up something that you want to have or keep in order to help someone else

Popularity: Bottom 10% of words

The Christmas Speech

I started a new job about 4 months ago and things have been awesome! The main goal in my new position as Customer Service Manager was to create a Healthy Customer Service initiative. We live by the following motto “We are here to make a difference in people’s lives one interaction at a time.”

We had recently created a Thankful Tree in the office and a time lapse video was to be presented to the team the day of our Christmas party. I was in charge of planning our party this year and of course I had to give a speech. Since I hadn’t been here a whole year I was really racking my brain on what to say. I was driving in to work the day of the event when it hit me. I had an epiphany…

Here’s my speech and the video of our tree.

Part of my daily commute is to drive down Wilbur right off of Rinaldi. I have taken the same route for about three and a half months now. Today I noticed something different. For one brief moment amidst me mentally planning out my day and keeping my eye on the road, my tunnel vision was detoured and I got a glimpse of all the beautiful pine trees that line this street. I was amazed of what a breath taking sight this was but even more amazed how I hadn’t realized it until today.

Many of us go through life the same way. We are so concentrated on office politics, family problems, and all of life’s drama. We get caught up in these thoughts and never take a moment to look around and realize how great life really is and how truly blessed we are. 
Today I want to talk to you about a tree. A very special tree. This tree is full of life, love, jobs, family, health and joy. This is a tree that is rooted deeply in the hearts and lives of our Customer Service team. This tree is the culmination of a great year, 2015.
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and many many blessings for 2016.
Please enjoy the video. 

No Good Deed Ever Goes Unpunished

The title of this post pretty much sums it all up, no good deed ever goes unpunished. It seems to be human nature to focus on the negative things in life as opposed to the positive. So many things can go right in life and that one thing that went wrong gets hyper focus.

I always try to do the right thing and help people out. After all, life is about second chances, learning from our mistakes and growing as a person. Doing the right thing comes with a high price tag though. Doing the right thing takes love. Loves consists of pure vulnerability. It’s a sad thing to think how some people are just ungrateful. They open the door to your house of vulnerability and have no respect whatsoever for the things therein. I am tempted to play the woe is me card here, but you know what??? It ain’t happening!! I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. My kindness will at times be confused and taken advantage of, but that should never and will never stop me from being me. The devil is out and on the prowl to make us all think that doing the right thing never pays off. It does pay off! It’s called integrity! With integrity comes respect and with respect comes success.

Let’s try and keep the focus on the good things in life. Although it’s hard, there’s no better feeling than knowing the devil lost this battle today.

Don’t Stop

I can’t say this enough…Don’t ever stop being you!!

For many of us, life has been littered with heartbreak. These devastating life moments can lead to mistrust in future relationships. Our human nature drives us to erect walls to protect our vulnerability. We convince ourselves that all women/men are the same and that there is no reason to even try anymore because things will end in heartache. It’s a sad reality that this may very well happen again.

You might say I’m nieve, you might even say I’m a masochist, but I think it’s extremely unfair to the “Right One” for me to erect impenetrable walls around my heart and feelings. If I allow this to happen I give in to the thought that true love does not exist. I refuse to ever believe that! Many times we are our own worst enemy. We shut down the right people not because they are wrong for us but many times because of our own hangups. It seems easier to dismiss someone before they get too close to hurt you. It’s hard and I am really working at it but I will always give my all in every and any relationship I am involved in. Yes, I am scared of getting hurt. Will I get hurt? More that likely. But this will not detour me from being me. I am determined to find The One and since I will never know who that is beforehand, each person who crosses my path gets the real Frank and that includes all the love I have to give.

There’s one small caveat to all of this. You get my 100% out the gate and its up to you to keep the love flowing. Life is too short for games and if we are not on the same page…next!

#spreadthelove #lovefreely

No Vacancy

Stop for a moment in your day and look around you. Take in all the beautiful things God has set forth for us. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day stress and all the things that make life worth living go unnoticed.

Although yesterday was a picture perfect California day, I just wasn’t feeling it. I allowed myself to get got caught up in work and a bit of negative thinking. I usually keep a No Vacancy sign lit in the window to my brain just in case any thoughts of insecurity are looking for lodging. I think it had an electrical failure yesterday because I found myself questioning myself and harboring self-conscious thoughts. Well, this morning I woke up, drank my Zeal and although its a super gloomy, overcast day here in Northern California, I feel great! I checked the wiring on the No Vacancy sign and we are all good. It must have been a short that flipped the circuit breaker. After a quick reset, I am back in full effect.

I took my own advice and stepped outside just to look around. I didn’t get further than the driveway when I noticed the unnoticed. I had to take pics and share with all my followers. As I was looking around taking pictures, Beautiful Things by Gungor was playing in my mind.  In case you haven’t heard it, Click Here. This song pairs great with these pictures.

2015-02-20 09.45.57 2015-02-20 09.34.37 2015-02-20 09.32.14 2015-02-20 09.33.32 2015-02-20 09.35.06 2015-02-20 09.34.08 2015-02-20 09.36.48 2015-02-20 09.32.49 2015-02-20 09.30.07 2015-02-20 09.31.07 2015-02-20 09.29.54 2015-02-20 09.29.20

I hope you enjoyed the pics as much as I enjoyed taking them. The small things in life are what make it all worth the struggle. Have a blessed day!!!

Don’t Miss Out

I’ll keep this one short and sweet. Don’t let anyone change you. Being hurt, hurts! We all know this, but don’t miss out on a life-changing opportunity out of fear of the unknown. Life would be so much easier and less drama filled if we all stopped playing the game.

Live life, love life and don’t be scared!

Keep On Pushing

I’ve said this time and time again, God has placed me in this world to touch people’s lives. It’s Monday morning and I’m standing outside the VP’s office waiting for our meeting to begin. I always try to have a smile on my face even in the hardest of times. As I’m pacing the floors waiting for my meeting, I look up and lock eyes with a co-worker I barely know. She gets up from her desk, which is about 10 feet away and walks straight towards me and says “Hey Frank. How do you do to always smile?”. Looking in her eyes and reading her body language, it was more than evident she was going through a rough patch at the moment. Since I was in a rush to make my meeting I answered the following.

I’m smiling because I have God in my life! Just remeber, things could always be worse.

My words seemed to strike a nerve with her but since I was on my way to a meeting we couldn’t continue talking. She was weighing on my heart and I felt as if I had to reach out again. Tuesday was crazy and hectic and I didn’t get a chance to go by her cubicle. Wednesday came and towards the end of the day, right before my last meeting, I paid her a visit. She was obviously texting someone and you could feel the energy in the air. When she saw me her demeanor immediately changed and we went for a short walk. Keep in mind I barely know her. She really opened up to me and told me about some issues she was going through. I was reaffirming as possible to the fact that Gods’s got this and we need to smile even in the most challenging of times.

I feel I did my deed for the day and touched her life as God has sent me to do. It’s not easy to put on a smile everyday…life can be a real challenge. But being able to tell a success story like this makes every challenge worth it.

Keep on pushing!!