Don’t Stop

I can’t say this enough…Don’t ever stop being you!!

For many of us, life has been littered with heartbreak. These devastating life moments can lead to mistrust in future relationships. Our human nature drives us to erect walls to protect our vulnerability. We convince ourselves that all women/men are the same and that there is no reason to even try anymore because things will end in heartache. It’s a sad reality that this may very well happen again.

You might say I’m nieve, you might even say I’m a masochist, but I think it’s extremely unfair to the “Right One” for me to erect impenetrable walls around my heart and feelings. If I allow this to happen I give in to the thought that true love does not exist. I refuse to ever believe that! Many times we are our own worst enemy. We shut down the right people not because they are wrong for us but many times because of our own hangups. It seems easier to dismiss someone before they get too close to hurt you. It’s hard and I am really working at it but I will always give my all in every and any relationship I am involved in. Yes, I am scared of getting hurt. Will I get hurt? More that likely. But this will not detour me from being me. I am determined to find The One and since I will never know who that is beforehand, each person who crosses my path gets the real Frank and that includes all the love I have to give.

There’s one small caveat to all of this. You get my 100% out the gate and its up to you to keep the love flowing. Life is too short for games and if we are not on the same page…next!

#spreadthelove #lovefreely