How Do You Spell Pretty

My son tells the story of his love life. I found this to be hilarious and had to share.


No Vacancy

Stop for a moment in your day and look around you. Take in all the beautiful things God has set forth for us. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day stress and all the things that make life worth living go unnoticed.

Although yesterday was a picture perfect California day, I just wasn’t feeling it. I allowed myself to get got caught up in work and a bit of negative thinking. I usually keep a No Vacancy sign lit in the window to my brain just in case any thoughts of insecurity are looking for lodging. I think it had an electrical failure yesterday because I found myself questioning myself and harboring self-conscious thoughts. Well, this morning I woke up, drank my Zeal and although its a super gloomy, overcast day here in Northern California, I feel great! I checked the wiring on the No Vacancy sign and we are all good. It must have been a short that flipped the circuit breaker. After a quick reset, I am back in full effect.

I took my own advice and stepped outside just to look around. I didn’t get further than the driveway when I noticed the unnoticed. I had to take pics and share with all my followers. As I was looking around taking pictures, Beautiful Things by Gungor was playing in my mind.  In case you haven’t heard it, Click Here. This song pairs great with these pictures.

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I hope you enjoyed the pics as much as I enjoyed taking them. The small things in life are what make it all worth the struggle. Have a blessed day!!!

Don’t Miss Out

I’ll keep this one short and sweet. Don’t let anyone change you. Being hurt, hurts! We all know this, but don’t miss out on a life-changing opportunity out of fear of the unknown. Life would be so much easier and less drama filled if we all stopped playing the game.

Live life, love life and don’t be scared!

Keep On Pushing

I’ve said this time and time again, God has placed me in this world to touch people’s lives. It’s Monday morning and I’m standing outside the VP’s office waiting for our meeting to begin. I always try to have a smile on my face even in the hardest of times. As I’m pacing the floors waiting for my meeting, I look up and lock eyes with a co-worker I barely know. She gets up from her desk, which is about 10 feet away and walks straight towards me and says “Hey Frank. How do you do to always smile?”. Looking in her eyes and reading her body language, it was more than evident she was going through a rough patch at the moment. Since I was in a rush to make my meeting I answered the following.

I’m smiling because I have God in my life! Just remeber, things could always be worse.

My words seemed to strike a nerve with her but since I was on my way to a meeting we couldn’t continue talking. She was weighing on my heart and I felt as if I had to reach out again. Tuesday was crazy and hectic and I didn’t get a chance to go by her cubicle. Wednesday came and towards the end of the day, right before my last meeting, I paid her a visit. She was obviously texting someone and you could feel the energy in the air. When she saw me her demeanor immediately changed and we went for a short walk. Keep in mind I barely know her. She really opened up to me and told me about some issues she was going through. I was reaffirming as possible to the fact that Gods’s got this and we need to smile even in the most challenging of times.

I feel I did my deed for the day and touched her life as God has sent me to do. It’s not easy to put on a smile everyday…life can be a real challenge. But being able to tell a success story like this makes every challenge worth it.

Keep on pushing!!    

Valentine’s Day – I Love You

It’s Valentine’s Day. You’ve been single for a while now and even though you downplay it, there’s that voice in your head saying “Valentine’s Day is coming. I wonder if I’ll have anyone to share in love with.” As this highly marketed, money spending, love filled day approaches, the anxiety levels get higher and the voices become louder, “I have no one in my life to share this day with.”

The society we live in doesn’t seem to help much. There’s V-Day hype everywhere. Think about it; If you turn on the TV every commercial break has its own 30 second reminder of how we must go out and spend money for that loved one. If you open up your computer the popups ding in with ads of teddy bears and heart shaped boxes full of chocolates. If you try to escape to the realm of social media you are met with every clever pro and anti V-Day meme. It’s like we can’t escape the thought of Where’s MY Valentine? Where’s is the love for me?

I want you to stop and think about something for a moment. Think about all the people who are currently in your life circle. Think about all the love that’s projected to you from this life circle.

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love and friendship. You don’t have to be in a relationship to not feel lonely and unloved on V-Day. First and foremost God loves you! Know it and remember it!!! We are also surrounded by many people who love us very dearly but we seem to take this for granted. If you’re single this Valentines Day, or even if your in a relationship try this simple thing. Begin saying I Love You more often. Let this February 14, 2015 be the day you began sharing your love. Don’t be afraid of these three words. Let your friends and family know that you truly love them!

A big I LOVE YOU to all my readers. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

What a Man Wants From a Woman

A while back I wrote an article titled What Do Women Want. I was reading through it again today, more than two years after I originally published and was reminded that this is a question I will never be able to precisely answer. As a matter of fact, I don’t think anyone ever will. With that in mind, I came to the conclusion that I can only answer one question with certainty.

What do I want from a woman?   

The title of this post is “What a Man Wants From a Woman” but I can only speak for myself. Mind you the title of this post uses the word MAN and not Boy or Guy. There’s a lot behind calling yourself a man! I have definitely reached a point in my own life where I have a pretty good sense of what I want. I refuse to conform to anything less than what I truly want. I am not scared to put this out there and make it known. Ultimately if you settle for something less than what you really desire in life you will never be truly happy. There will always be something missing. Yes, you might get hurt along the way but you will never know until you try and I say; Try and try again until you succeed!

Here’s a couple things I find instrumental to having success in a relationship.

Compliment My Already Established Life – I want a partner in crime. I have made my life and would love for you to be a part of it.

Know What You Want – I think all of us deep down know what we want, but few of us are able to take down certain walls and obstacles which obstruct our line of sight.

Respect – I know respect is won and must be maintained, but I am looking for someone who understands the concept of respect.

Emotional Support – Yes, men are made to be MANLY but this does not mean we have no feelings. Having someone in your corner can really help to overcome that next hurdle in life.

Drive and Passion – Someone who is driven and passionate in and about life. Someone who I won’t have to pull along nor will they have to pull me along. We work in a synergistic fashion.

Strong Sense of Commitment – In today’s world everyone is so quick to throw in the towel and search for the elusive greener grass instead of watering their own garden. Invest in what you have and watch how it will pay off!

Brains and Wit – Wow! There is nothing more intriguing and sexy than someone who can hold an intelligent meaningful conversation.

God-fearing – Someone who is on a similar spiritual plane as me. God has been instrumental in my life and would have led me to this special person.

I hope this article gets to the person who needs to read it and at the very least gets your wheels turning. Don’t ever settle! Don’t be afraid to chase what you want! We only get one chance at life and we must make the most of it!

Thanks for stopping in. Have a blessed week!

A Year of Faith

At the beginning of the year, it was shared with me that we are in the middle of a Shemittah (Sabbatical) year. It’s a time to break and refocus…a time to put things in God’s hands and fully trust in Him. I have been dealing with many things for years which I felt to be un-repairable.

And if you should say, “What will we eat in the seventh year? We will not sow, and we will not gather in our produce!” (Leviticus 25:20)

Yet those who put their trust in God were richly rewarded:

I will command My blessing for you in the sixth year, and it will yield produce for three years. And you will sow in the eighth year, while still eating from the old crops. Until the ninth year, until the arrival of its crop, you will eat the old crop! (Leviticus 25:21–22)

I took a big step and put these things in God’s hand on January 5, 2015. I relinquished control to Him. Fueled by faith I kept pushing and praying whenever these issues would come to mind. Oh and they came to mind a lot! Especially in the middle of the night when I was having the best sleep. I’ve shed many, many tears over these things that I couldn’t seem to comprehend.

Today, almost a month after taking this leap of faith, God has allowed me to reap what he has sowed for me. So many things have happened over the past week that I am emotionally exhausted. I feel tired but excited at the same time. I wish I could tell someone how happy I am and they could feel just as happy. I wish I could share my story with someone who truly cares. I wish someone would just pat me on the back and say good job! I wish someone would hug me really hard and allow me to cry on their chest.

As I go through this checklist and look around me it becomes evident that these are BIG wishes. But then I come to the realization that God cares. God is happy when I’m happy. God is patting me on the back and smiling upon me. God has his arms wide open to me at any time.

This will be a big year for my spiritual growth in life and I am very excited! I can’t wait to see what else God has in store for me. With all this being said, I hope this small story can touch someone’s life today and enlighten them to spiritual freedom.

Have a blessed day, week, year and life everyone!!